Simpson County Murals

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81 Steele Road
Franklin KY 42134
The Simpson County Murals
Eight detailed, realistic murals are painted on a 200 foot long highway retaining wall built along US Highway 31W at I-65 Exit 2, adjacent to the Simpson county Tourism Commission's office and welcome center.

The murals depict scenes from 200 years of Simpson County history.  An underlying theme linking the painting is the changing modes of transportation along the "Louisville to Nashville Pike". Horse-drawn carriages, Civil war steeds, train locomotives, mules, farm wagons, automobiles, pickup trucks, school buses, tractor trailers and recreational vehicles - each in turn had a role to play in the development of this major national north-south highway.

In the paintings, the advances in transportation over the years serve as a metaphor for the growth of Franklin and Simpson County. 

Moving from left to right, the paintings journey from dawn to sunset and also move chronologically through the seasons from winter to fall.
Mural 1: "Duel at sunrise" 1819-1850
Mural 2: War clouds" 1850-1875
Mural 2A: "Frontier Portraits"
Mural 3: "Bringing in the sheaves" 1875-1900
Mural 4: High Noon - The Courthouse" 1900-1925
Mural 5: Mule Day Afternoon"  1925-1950
Mural 6: "School Days, School Days" 1950-2000
Mural 7: "Drive-time" 1950-2000
Mural 8: "Riding off into the Sunset" 2000 and Beyond