FY22 Co-Op Packages

Packages make it simple for everyone, offering a variety of print and digital offerings to cover all of your marketing needs. As a part of a package, you are able to buy into city, regional and lifestyle publications, as well as national digital advertising firms that KDT is utilizing. 

A package is your one-stop-shop option to buy into the products and offerings being featured on the state level. These comprehensive, affordable, multi-media co-op packages will allow industry partners to benefit from Kentucky Tourism’s total spending, media mix, audience targeting, geographic reach, strategic insights and research.

Kentucky Tourism offers a 50% buy-down of all third-party media included in packages for CVB partners. 

Bronze Packages

Bronze packages are our most affordable packages, starting at $6,808 (before buy-down). They ensure a mix of print, digital and owned offerings to cover all of your marketing needs. 

Bronze Packages
Components Investment
Print - 1/4 Page [You pick: City Publication] $1,167
Print - 1/4 Page Kentucky Monthly $800
OVG - 1/4 Page $3,855
eNews (Row 3) $750
Programmatic Display (one-month) $1,000
Est. Total $7,572

City Publication Options: Chicago Magazine, Hour Detroit, Atlanta Magazine, St. Louis Magazine, Indianapolis Monthly, Cleveland Magazine, Cincinnati Magazine, Blueridge Outdoors, Nashville Lifestyles, Knoxville Cityview, Columbus Monthly.

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Silver Packages

Silver packages reach a larger audience and may be able to attract additional visitors to your destination. These packages start at $14,867 before buy-down.

Silver Packages
Components Investment
Print - 1/2 Page [You pick: Regional Publication] $3,400
Print - 1/4 Page Longweekends $1,613
OVG - 1/2 Page $7,705
eNews (Row 2) $1,000
Programmatic Display (one-month) $2,500
Est. Total $16,218

Regional Publication Options: AAA World, AAA Living - Tennessee, Ohio Magazine. 

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Gold Packages

Gold packages offer a turnkey marketing solution with a strong media mix starting at $19,360 before buy-down. These packages deliver a greater number of impressions from highly-qualified audiences to gain maximum traction.

Gold Packages
Components Investment
Print - 1/2 Page [You pick: Lifestyle publication] $4,500
OVG - 1/2 Page $7,705
eNews (Row 1) $1,250
Digital Package: Display, Native & Rich Media $8,000
Est. Total $21,455

Lifestyle Publication Options: Good Housekeeping, Women's Day, Country Living. 

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Platinum Packages

The platinum package offers a solid foundation for your marketing plan starting at $29,786 before buy-down. With a broad range of media and placements in premium print publications, this package delivers a strong media mix for high visibility.

Platinum Packages
Components Investment
Print - 1/4 Page [You pick: Premium lifestyle publication] $7,900
OVG - Full Page $13,255
eNews (Row 1 & Segmented Custom) $3,250
Digital Package: Display, Native & Rich Media $8,000
Est. Total $32,405

Premium Lifestyle Publication Options: Southern Living, Garden & Gun, Martha Stewart Living. 

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Ad Size Upgrades: Advertiser may choose to upgrade any ad size to a larger ad unit. The advertiser pays the difference between the size in the package and the larger size. (There is no KDT buy down of ad size upgrades.) See a la carte rates for additional information.

Once you have reviewed the offerings available, contact Miles Partnership with any questions and to secure your spot:

Elijah Zimmerman, Co-Op Marketing Manager