Woodland Bison Farm Tour

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4716 Greenhaven Lane
Goshen KY 40026

Tours first THURSDAY of each month for groups of less than 10 April - October. One of 15 Oldham Farm Tours! This tour is fascinating, educational and consists of 3 sections. Section 1. Pasture raised bison and chickens: We’ll visit one of the bison herds and explain the benefits of rotational grazing. While in the field, you’ll learn about the role our free range chickens play in pest reduction and fertilization. Section 2. Horticulture: We’ll head to the greenhouse and gardens to discuss raising produce with no synthetic fertilizers or chemicals. You’ll get a feel for the plant production systems that have worked for us. Section 3. Pastured heritage pork. Finally,the tour will head down to the river bottoms, where we’ll see hogs being raised alongside their feed sources. We’ll share how this methods helps reduce cost while improving meat quality.

General Information
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