Kentucky Tourism
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KDT accomplishes its marketing mission through a coordinated media and public relations campaign that utilizes print and electronic media, specifically designed to reach the target market segments in key geographic regions which traditionally produce the bulk of leisure visitors to Kentucky.

Scoppechio, a full-service advertising firm, is KDT's agency of record.

FALL 2017 / SPRING 2018 Co-op Plans 

Kentucky On-Line Marketing Boot Camp Downloads

Below are the links to access the presentation slides and handouts used by Marla Johnson Norris during the recently completed Boot Camp.  Share these resources with your colleagues so that your team is prepared to meet the challenges of online tourism marketing in 2013 head-on.

Slide Presentation 

Glossary of terms

Boot Camp Worksheet

Marla's expertise extends far beyond what was covered in Boot Camp.  You may subscribe to Aristotle's Digitips Marketing E-Newsletter and receive the latest marketing trends and tips to grow your online presence.