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Symbol Graphic

Symbol Graphic

As part of the brand identity, the horse head (symbol graphic) from the Brand may be used as a decorative element. It can be used in its entirety or cropped as a partial graphic. Care should be taken not to overuse the symbol as a decorative element.

When using the symbol graphic as a partial decorative element, it should always be cropped in from the left side of the graphic and never cropped in more than two-thirds the length of the graphic, or cropped in from the top or bottom. The symbol graphic should never be flipped horizontally, distorted or rotated.

When used on a white background, the symbol graphic should be reproduced as light tint (screen) in any of the colors in the brand color palette. The symbol graphic should be reproduced as a dark tint (screen) if it is used on a solid color background.

Examples of the correct usage of the symbol graphic are shown here.

Symbol Graphic Example

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