eNews Advertising Opportunities

Received by more than 100,000 opt-in subscribers monthly with a 30% average open rate, the monthly Kentucky eNewsletter reaches an engaged, active travel-planning audience.

Monthly Email

Take advantage of integrated advertising opportunities designed to fit your specific goals and budget. 

Placement Investment
Sponsored Row 1 $1,310
Sponsored Row 2 $1,050
Sponsored Row 3 $790


Dedicated Custom Email

Receive 100% share-or-voice with our custom email program. Submit photos, copy and a call-to-action, and we'll build and deploy an email promoting only you to our opt-in database, driving all inquiries to your site. You have the choice to email the full KDT database or a segmented interest-based audience to reach only the subscribers most engaged with your content.  

Interest Segment Investment
Full Database $3,865
Adventure & Sports $2,080
Food & Drink $2,080
Arts & Culture $2,080
Horses & Other Attractions $2,080


Once you have reviewed the offerings available, contact Miles Partnership with any questions and to secure your spot:

Elijah Zimmerman, Co-Op Marketing Manager