Little Shepherd Outdoor Drama

little shepherd outdoor drama photo


444 Amphitheatre Rd.
Jenkins KY 41537

In the 1970's, the drama based on John Fox Jr.'s book, "The Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come", was held in Letcher County until it lost its venue.  After many years of missing this drama, the Cumberland Mountains Arts & Crafts Council decided to bring it back.

The Main character, Chad Buford, became John Fox's symbol for Appalachian courage during the cruelties of 19th Century poverty, the agonies of a divided Kentucky during the Civil War, and the period when a ravaged South looked toward the West for a hope that would be bought at a terrible price.

This famous novel has rarely been out of print for a century.

The play by Appalachian playwright Fern Overbey Hilton is based on John Fox, Jr.'s book, "The Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come".

The score of traditional music was written by Emily McCamy with percussion inventions by Gabe Anderson.


You may call, or email for advance ticket information.