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Region Louisville, Kentucky - Bourbon, Horses & History

829 W. Main St.
Louisville, KY 40202

866-886-7103 (toll-free USA)

As the exclusive home of the Royal Armouries USA, the Frazier History Museum is a world-class museum that provides an unforgettable journey through more than 1,000 years with interactive and ever-changing exhibits, daily performances by costumed interpreters and engaging special events and programs.

Walk through the front doors of the Frazier Museum and be immediately greeted by the nation’s oldest surviving Civil War monument. Then, take the elevator to the third floor to begin your adventure through time. After all, it’s always best to start at the beginning of our story.

What do knights in armor, princesses and dragons, and the Charge of the Light Brigade have in common? You can see them in the Royal Armouries USA galleries on the Frazier’s third floor – we’re the only Royal Armouries partner in the world located outside of Great Britain. These galleries feature over 300 artifacts from the Bronze Age through the early 20th century.

Continue your way down through the galleries on the second and first floors to discover artifacts that helped shaped our nation, including a sword owned by Josiah Bartlett, signer of the Declaration of Independence, and a rifle owned by our first president, George Washington. Other one-of-a-kind pieces include Teddy Roosevelt’s “Big Stick” used on his African safaris, Daniel Boone’s family bible, First Lady Mary Todd Lincoln’s commitment papers and outlaw Jesse James’ revolver. A 1906 “Teddy” bear, 19th century quilts and an entire army of toy soldiers bridge the gap between historical highlights and the popular response.

The Frazier’s extraordinary collection includes over 5,000 artifacts. Ranging from the foothills of Vietnam to the rolling moors of England to Louisville’s own unique story, the Frazier tells moving stories found nowhere else. 

To complement the museum’s amazing permanent collection, the Frazier Museum also offers an ever-changing selection of intriguing temporary exhibits. 

The Frazier Museum brings visitors face to face with some of the people and events that changed the world forever, as well as with average people whose moving and important stories you’ve probably never heard. The Frazier Museum offers dozens of live sword fighting demonstrations as well as first person historical accounts, including Annie Oakley, Buffalo Bill, Catherine the Great, Abraham Lincoln, Joan of Arc, Olaudah Equiano and many others.