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Salt River


The Salt River begins near Danville ends at the Ohio River near West Point.  Taylorsville Lake is formed from the Salt River and Guist Creek Lake is also in its drainage basin via Breshears Creek and Guist Creek

The Salt River is a part of a Nature Conservancy because of several rare creatures and plants. The flood waters created rich bottom lands and support a variety of wetland habitats. Turtles, fish, and waterfowl abound. Deer, river otters and beaver are some of the typical animals living in the area. However some not so common animals live in the area like the Indiana bat, Gray bat, Fanshell, and Knob Creek Crawfish.

In addition to the animals, there are several unique plants that live in the area. Plants such as the Silky aster are native to the area and are very rare. Other rare plants in this area include the Crawe's sedge, Slipper Orchid, Glade cress, Prairie dropseed, and Eggleston's violet.