Garrard County Tourism Committee

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15 Public Square
Lancaster KY 40444

Due to the birth of prohibition crusader Carrie Nation in Northern Garrard County in 1846, Garrard County is known as the "birthplace of prohibition". By the 1900's Nation was well known for her anti-alcohol, saloon-smashing campaign and is credited with being an early proponent of women's suffrage. The birthplace of Carrie Nation still stands but is not open to the public at this time.

Harriet Beecher Stowe is said to have visited the Kennedy home in Garrard County while gathering some of the material for her book, Uncle Tom's Cabin. The legendary cabin of Uncle Tom was located behind the Kennedy mansion near Paint Lick here in Garrard County. The book inflamed anti-slavery sentiment throughout the North and deep resentment in the South with its publication in 1851 and was credited by President Lincoln as having started the Civil War. Efforts are underway to rebuild a replica of the cabin on the grounds of the historic Gov. Owsley Home in Lancaster.

Many Governors have also claimed Garrard County as their home. Kentucky Governor Robert P. Letcher (1788–1861), Kentucky's first Republican Governor William O. Bradley (1847–1914) and Kentucky Governor William Owsley (1782–1862) all had Garrard County roots. Moreover, Henry Smith, Texas' first provisional Governor was also from Garrard County. The historic home of Governor Owsley has been restored and is open to the public.