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1539 Tyrone Rd
Lawrenceburg KY 40342

Born in 1990 near Lake Tahoe, Vertigo Bungee spawned from a group of passionate extreme sports enthusiasts with a flair for living on the edge. While the world viewed Bungee Jumping as a dangerous activity, Vertigo Bungee was creating never seen before standards for the Sport of Bungee Jumping. Early on, Vertigo received worldwide recognition for jumping with some of the leading athletes in the budding extreme sports movement of the 1990's. This exposure brought MTV into the fold and in their early years of MTV Sports, Vertigo Bungee was featured in multiple episodes producing some of the most memorable moments of the series. Add to that the Wall Street Journal, ESPN & The Discovery Channel and for the first time, Bungee Jumping was viewed as a sport offering each Jumper the ability to express themselves flying from the bridge. Vertigo Bungee was unleashed to the world and ready to push the envelope.


For more than 2 decades now Vertigo has continued Jumping and perfecting this craft, logging over 300,000 jumps from structures across the globe. Whether jumping 4 at a time, side by side, perfecting our Sandbag or teaching a first timer how to jump safely, Vertigo has remained atop the Bungee Jumping world. The same passion exists today but the game has changed, Vertigo Bungee owns the Young's High Bridge spanning the Kentucky River in Anderson Country Kentucky. We invite you to join us for an experience you're guaranteed to remember forever. Vertigo will be hosting special Bungee Jumping weeks throughout the summer open to everyone with a desire to do something special. Join us as we continue to safely share the sport that has brought us so many memorable Bungee Jumping adventures.