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Abraham Lincoln

Kentucky Lincoln Heritage TrailWe're all probably familiar with the Abraham Lincoln background story – he served as the sixteenth President of the United States, and is one of the most iconic figures in the history of our nation. Kentucky is the birthplace of Abraham Lincoln, a man whose legacy is still vigorously discussed and debated even today.

Lincoln lived in Kentucky for only a short period of time, time during his childhood before his family moved to Illinois. However, much of his life was predicated on his relationships to Kentucky and its people in general. The circumstances and major issues that surrounded him, divided this country into a bloody Civil War, and shaped the nation during Reconstruction are very much a part of the Kentucky story.

We invite you to rediscover the full timeline of the Abraham Lincoln story here in Kentucky. Visit the birthplace of Abraham Lincoln at the Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historical Park to view the spot where Lincoln was born, and learn facts about this great American leader at the Abraham Lincoln Boyhood Home, as well as other historic sites on the Lincoln Heritage Trail that shed light on more Abraham Lincoln background information.

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