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Website Promotion Media Kit


Click a link below to download one of our media kit PDFs.

The website promotion media kit is organized by The Kentucky Tourism Department specifically to help journalists and their editors plan engaging story ideas about the Kentucky Tourism website, its redesign and activities occurring around the launch; stories that will interest and intrigue audiences.

To made your job a little easier we have included:

  • Videos, photographs and more
  • Feature ideas and information
  • Information about Kentucky Tourism
All the information provided is copy-right free and can be used as you wish for stories, fillers or sidebars. We invite you to join the scavenger hunt and have some fun. You'll also find navigational links at the top of the page that allow you to access any part of the website for additional information regarding Kentucky.

And, of course, we provide you with contact information on individuals who can help you with verification, additional story comments, facts, quotes or pointers to other people who might be able to help or contribute to your story. Thank you for covering Kentucky's Unbridled Experience!