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12 Quick Planning Tips

Family Reunions

Twelve Quick Tips for Planning a Successful Family Reunion - Follow this planner’s checklist for amazing reunions filled with love, laughter, food and family.

  1. Contact Several Family Members To Determine Interest – It's not a real reunion if nobody comes.
  2. Form a Family Reunion Planning Committee – A crucial step in the success of any family reunion is organization and planning. At your first meeting, remember to share responsibilities!
  3. Compile a Mailing List – Provide relatives with worksheets they can fill out with their current contact information. This will makes it easier for everyone to keep in touch long after the event is over.
  4. Select Event Date(s) – Confirm a date on which the majority of family members are free.
  5. Choose a Location and Theme (if applicable) – A location that is accessible to most family members is ideal, but keep in mind that older family members may be limited by issues with mobility, transportation or economic situation.
  6. Select a Site – Try to choose a site that offers the basics in amenities and comfort as well as access to a variety of activity choices.
  7. Develop a Budget – Once a budget has been created, decide whether each guest will need to contribute toward the event, or if some fundraising may be required. Are discounts available? Will there be souvenir gifts? Coordinated clothing?
  8. Family ReunionsPlan Indoor Activities or Outdoor Adventures and Entertainment – Be inclusive of both young and old.  Make plans flexible, and include activities such as genealogy, oral history and heritage, time for stories and looking at photo albums.
  9. Plan The Menu (You know how important the food is at family reunions!) Which meal or meals will be served?
  10. Invite Guests
  11. ENJOY the Event – As far as the planning goes, for better or worse, it's over. Don't fret over small things or missed opportunities. Enjoy.
  12. FINISH! – At the end of the event, take some time to evaluate the reunion experience. It wouldn't hurt to develop a simple survey from which family members can provide feedback. The information you gather will prove very helpful in planning the next event.