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Region Franklin, Kentucky - Caves, Lakes & Corvettes

6040 Bowling Green Rd.
Franklin, KY 42134


Octagon Hall is located on 6040 Bowling Green Road just north of Franklin, KY.  This antebellum, eight-sided, three story brick home, one of only four brick eight-sided homes remaining in this country, was constructed in 1847.  It was built as the residence of Andrew Jackson Caldwell and his family. As the Civil War spread throughout the nation, Caldwell, whose nephew was a colonel in the rebel army, threw his support firmly behind the Confederacy. In February of 1862, the famous “orphan brigade” fled Bowling Green marching south to the Caldwell home. It is estimated that up to nine thousand rebel troops were camped on the property. At this time the home became a hospital, which it remained though out the conflict. Soon after the Confederate forces left the Caldwell home, Union troops estimated of five thousand men arrived at the Caldwell home and camped on the Caldwell property, forcing the family to also offer care for them. While in return, the Union troops committed all types of atrocities against the family and their slaves. Later in the war, It was known that any Confederate soldier who could make it to the Caldwell’s’ home, would receive shelter and medical care and be hidden from the Union forces. The Union army was aware of  Caldwell’s actions and they would drop in out of nowhere in the middle of the night and just see if they could catch somebody, especially if a guerrilla attack had occurred. The Caldwell family had its own tragedies to accommodate with the deaths of family members and especially with the tragic death of twelve-year-old Mary Elizabeth Caldwell.  Mary, while playing in the basement “winter” kitchen, caught her dress on fire and burned, which lead to her death 7 days later.

The Octagon Hall is widely regarded as one of the most haunted places in the South. It has been featured on A&E “My Ghost Stories and “My Ghost Stories Caught on Cam”, the Travel Channel “Most Terrifying Places in America”, the Syfy Channel’s “Ghost Hunters” and “Haunted Collector” , the History Channel, the Discovery Channel, KET and CMT Channel. Many of the stories of ghosts surrounding the property are considered to be associated with the Caldwell family, slaves, confederate and union soldiers. It is documented that several soldiers from both sides, never physically left this property.  

Octagon Hall is on the National Register of Historic Places, KY. Historical Marker Database and is also on the Civil War Discovery Trail. It’s open year round and offers historical tours, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday 9am-11am & 1pm-3:30pm Closed on Major Holiday’s (individuals or large groups are welcome)  for more information go to

The Octagon Hall also hosts Night Novice Hunts twice a month for those individuals looking for their own paranormal experience, and for the Professional Paranormal Investigation Teams we offer Overnight Paranormal Investigations.

During the month of October on Friday and Saturday nights the Hall is transformed into a terrifying Halloween haunt, The Haunted Hall at Octagon Hall offering night haunted tours and the barn maze of terror.

Octagon Hall is available for film crews and television/motion pictures as a location. This uniquely historic house and grounds make a grand statement for historical documentaries, historical dramas, horror dramas, as well as paranormal reality shows.

Octagon Hall Museum is open year round - Days & Hours of Operations are: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday 9am-11am & 1pm-3:30pm - Closed on Major Holiday’s