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Olive Hill


Olive Hill, Kentucky

Railroad St.
Olive Hill, KY 41164

The Green Trail connects Olive Hill to the beautiful trail system at Carter Caves State Resort Park. It begins at the Depot Trailhead, Tygart St., downtown Olive Hill. This trail utilizes mostly asphalt road to the state property line near the park. Trail is marked in color on the road. Traveler can see a beautiful view from Blueberry Ridge, and once on 1025 and on Prater & James Chapel roads, can enjoy lush, green rolling hills. On James Chapel Road, there is a wide shoulder that can be used as trail, as an alternative to asphalt. There is an old one-room schoolhouse on the right soon after turning onto James Chapel. At the end of James Chapel Road, the trail user will move onto dirt trail at the state property line, at the 8.3 mile marker. This begins a connector trail, also marked “green”, which is approximately one mile long and takes the trail user to the Carter Caves Kiser Hollow Trail. The park has interesting and beautiful points of geologic interest, such as caves and natural arches, and 15 miles of multi-use (non-motorized) trails, plus another 15 miles of foot trails, within the park proper & the surrounding state forest. Check out the horse campground, and great food at the lodge. Additional trail information can be obtained at the lodge, including directions for leaving the park to connect with Sand Ridge – a trail that involves a high point with breathtaking views (warning: not for those with fear of heights)– which drops the traveler right into Carter City close to the entrance to Lazy Gait Horse Camp.
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  • Horseback Riding

Olive Hill is home to one of the greatest musical talents to come out of Kentucky, Mr. Tom T. Hall. Now it has another claim to fame as the 4th official Kentucky Trail Town. Olive Hill is nestled in the scenic hills of Carter County. Carter Caves State Resort Park is located just outside of town, and is not connected via two connector trails from the Depot Trailhead. Tygart's creek flows right through the downtown district, and features great paddling and fishing opportunities. Hikers and horseback riders will enjoy trails at Carter Caves, and road cyclists can spend hours exploring the scenic back roads and byways in the area. Climbers will enjoy the recently opened rock climbing and rappelling area at Carter Caves State Resort Park. After a day on the trails, be sure to stop in at the Trailhead Depot where one will find the community firepit. Live music is a regular fixture at the trailhead, as is good food and even better company.