Cane Ridge Meeting House & Barton Warren Stone Museum

cane ridge meeting house & barton warren stone museum photo


1655 Cane Ridge Rd.
Paris KY 40361

Cane Ridge Meeting House, 9 miles east via US 460 and SR537 at 1655 Cane Ridge Road, built of blue ash logs by Scots Presbyterian pioneers in 1791. Said to be the largest one-room log structure standing in North America. Scene of August 1801 Great Revival, largest on the Kentucky frontier. Rev. Barton Warren Stone hosted the June 1804 meeting of the Springfield Presbytery which on the day then dissolved with the signing of the Last Will and Testament, resulting in the first religious movement indigenous to American soil. Stone led the group that took for itself the generic name Christians. Recent bicentennial celebrations and observances: Construction of Meeting House (1991); Ordination of Barton Stone at Cane Ridge (1998); 'The Great Gathering at Cane Ridge-the Cane Ridge Revival' (2001; 'The Homecoming: Come Home to Cane Ridge-the signing of the Last Will and Testament' (2004); the arrival of the Shakers at Cane Ridge (2005).

The meetinghouse is now encased in a golden limestone superstructure for preservation and unrestricted access. A small museum contains historical items and a collection of old agricultural and domestic equipage. There is a pioneer cemetery on the grounds. Allow 1-hour minimum. Call for hours November-March.

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