Junkyard Pottery

Junkyard Pottery Photo


Junction of US Hwy 27 & KY Hwy 90
Parkers Lake KY 42634

Junkyard Pottery offers handmade items for everyday use, from utilitarian to decorative. Practically all of their pottery is hand thrown on the wheel by Carol Howe, who strives to create practical pieces ranging from cups to bowls to vases, along with specialty items like candle lamps and kitchen crocks.

Their pottery is made from stoneware clay that is durable and functional, and is oven, microwave and dishwasher safe. The glazes are made on site using minerals, oxides and wood ash that produce a wide variety of surfaces and colors. All  glazes are lead free and non-toxic.

Each creation is fired in an electric kiln to temperatures in excess of 2000° Fahrenheit. This solidifies the clay and allows the glaze to melt and then harden in a prescribed fit. On your next visit to this area we hope that you will stop in!