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Comfortable and inexpensive family vacations start here

When you’re looking for a place to stay in Kentucky, you’ll definitely find a wide-range of affordable options: Choose from a luxurious spa resorts and hotels or campgrounds that are perfect for the kids.

bed and breakfasts among the rolling bluegrass hills of horse and bourbon country. Spend a night or two in romantic mountain cabins or vacation rentals nestled in the tall shadows of the Appalachian Mountains. Find a sandy beach to enjoy the summer sun, rest and relax in tranquil Kentucky lake cabins or chill on a houseboat in the Lakes Region. Or check in to choice state park lodges in the steep, narrow hills of the Outer Bluegrass region – for a week or a weekend stay.

For inexpensive family vacations, Kentucky also offers hundreds of chain hotel choices. Financially-conscious travelers on the hunt for hassle-free and inexpensive vacation ideas will enjoy these high-comfort, low-cost lodging options, as well as the room it will leave in the travel budget.

Great lodging can be found around the most popular Kentucky vacation spots, ensuring that no matter what you want to see or where your trip takes you, you’ll find comfortable and
unique accommodations. Kentucky is perfect for inexpensive family vacations and luxurious getaways alike – come see for yourself!

Use our search tool to find affordable lodging and look for budget-friendly things to do for inexpensive vacation ideas both in the city and out in nature. Explore history and culture at a museum or check out the state’s countless natural attractions and seasonal events. Start planning your trip to Kentucky today!