Newsoms Old Mill Store

Newsoms Old Mill Store Photo


208 E Main Street
Princeton KY 2445

The Newsom Family opened the H.C. Newsom Store in 1917 at today’s site of Newsom’s Old Mill Store. Nancy’s grandfather, H.C. Newsom, sold everything from glassware to pickles. Fresh cream was available daily. There were country meats, goldfish at one time and, of course, crackers in barrels.

A functional country store, Newsom’s preserves the traditions of personal service while adapting to the changing marketplace. With our mail order ham sales, requests have grown for country products that satisfy gourmet appetites. Bulk garden seed, plants, produce, preserves, relishes, sorghum, salad dressings, smoked meats and aged country hams are sold across the same counter of the fresh cream, pickles and cracker barrels of old. 

Among the finest dry-cured hams the world has to offer, Newsom's authentic aged Kentucky country ham is a gourmet and country delicacy. Newsom's also offers smoked sausage, smoked bacon, preserves, breakfast mixes, sorghum molasses, dressings, relish, cookbooks from the Amish and others, pure unprocessed honey, gourmet pickled vegetables, candies and cobbler in a jar. Selections from the many popular items at our working country store are available through our internet store or by contacting us personally.