Bennett's Mill Covered Bridge

bennett's mill covered bridge photo
bennett's mill covered bridge photo 2


103 Bennett's Mill
Ky. Route 7
South Shore KY 41175

Built 1855, original footings and frame intact, 155 feet long. Bridge was never painted. Open to traffic. Eight miles South, of South Shore following Rt. 7, spanning Tygart Creek. The bridge was built by brothers, BF and Parmaly Bennett to accommodate customers located on the West side of the Creek to reach their Mill. The Mill ground grain and sawed timber. Some of the timber was used to make basic furniture, tables, chairs, cupboards, etc. The early settlers arrived with few possessions. Prior to building their Mill, the Bennetts operated the Globe furnace, nearby. The stones from the furnace were used as the foundation to support the bridge. In 1874 it was rebuilt a Wheeler truss design. It has been reported that the bridge was the "oldest, longest, single span covered bridge in the world". It was recently restored at a cost of over one million dollars.