Hutton-Loyd Tree Farm

hutton loyd tree farm photo


1483 Big Run Rd.
Wallingford KY 41093
Hutton-Loyd Tree Farm is a family owned nursery. Throughout the year, we work hard to cultivate superior landscaping trees and shrubs for sale to local customers large and small. Leading up to the holidays, we open the many acres we reserve for our Christmas tree farm for families to participate in the yearly tradition of wandering the fields in search of the perfect evergreen. In addition, we at all times make our land open to nature enthusiasts, keep our solitary log cabin ready for weekend rentals, and reserve our barn, open fields, and other facilities for event venues. In all this we strive unendingly to manage our 1124 acres of fields, forests, and waters alike to be a place of beauty, refuge, tranquility, and abundance to man and beast for generations to come.