Web & Custom Content Co-Op Opportunities

Our website advertising and custom content creation options provide you the opportunity to get your message in front of a highly-qualified audience that is interested in visiting Kentucky.

Leverage the expertise of our marketing agency's editorial, video and media teams to feature your local experiences.


When site visitors sign up to receive information from the state, they can  request to receive information directly from you as well. Upon selecting you, consumers receive an instant auto-generated email from you that directs them to your site or provides them an offer. Then, we send your leads to you in a weekly email.

Investment: $3 / lead


Deals are typically seasonal offers or discounts that help drive people to your destination or attraction when you need it most. You can buy a special offer listing at three, six, or twelve month increments. Special offers include the offer details, short description and link to your website to redeem.

Investment: $150 / month (minimum 3 months)

Featured Business Listings 

All tourism-related businesses doing business in Kentucky may be listed on the Kentucky Tourism website at no cost. For added visibility, businesses may upgrade to a featured business listing, which provides a visual highlight and higher position on listings pages.

The Kentucky Department of Tourism reserves the right to refuse featured listing requests that are not deemed appropriate.

Investment: $1,200 / year

Content Creation: Written Content

Work directly with the Miles Partnership production team to strategize and produce custom content for the Kentucky Tourism website. Your custom content will appear on the Kentucky Tourism site for 12 months, as well as be distributed through Places.Travel

All custom content promotion includes:

  • Inline links to destination website
  • Social sharing capabilities
  • Paid and organic social distribution on Places.Travel Facebook & Instagram
  • Priority site placement and homepage banner inclusion
  • Related story integration
  • Weekend Review email inclusion
  • One-time campaign-end report

New Opportunities for 2024:

  • Must-See Short Lists: Punchy, conversational, photo-driven content pieces that highlight specific attractions, experiences and places of interest. 
  • Advertorials: Designed to educate readers, drive consumer engagement and promote brand awareness. 
  • Itineraries: From must-see attractions to insider tips, places to dine and exciting excursions, itineraries provide travelers with detailed content to help better visualize a potential trip to a destination, whether a weekend getaway, a 24-hour day trip or a multi-day adventure.
New Places.Travel Content Offerings
Product Impressions Guaranteed Views Promoted Period Investment
Must-See Short List 145,000 2,300 45 Days $2,525
Custom Article / Advertorial 200,000 2,300 45 Days $2,525
Destination Itinerary
(1, 2 or 3 Day)
300,000 4,900 60 Days $5,125
Additional Written Content Offering
Product Investment
Article Renewal + Promotion $1,925

Content Creation: Video

Work directly with the Miles Partnership production team to strategize and produce custom video content to use for your marketing initiatives moving forward. Your video will also live on KentuckyTourism.com for 12 months after finalization. 

All video packages include:

  • 60-90 second experiential music-driven video
  • Horizontal :30s and :15s cuts, 16x9 (w/ paid advertising rights)
  • Vertical :10s cut, 9x16 (w/ paid social advertising rights)
  • Added-value: 2 organic social posts on Places.Travel 
Video Options
Product Investment
New (with shoot) $8,480
New (with existing footage)* $1,980
Renewal $2,285

*Price may be adjusted based on the amount of hi-res footage available.

Video Add-Ons
Upgrades / Add-Ons Investment
Talent** $1,320+
Voice Over $900
Kentucky Tourism Social Boost (:10 vertical video) $350

**Non-speaking, does not include travel. Actual costs vary depending on project needs, rights, etc.

Content Bundle

Take your custom content to the next level with a content bundle that includes custom photo, video and article development. This package includes production through Miles Parntership of the following: 

  • 60-90 second experiential music-driven video
  • Horizontal :30s and :15s cuts, 16x9 (w/ paid advertising rights)
  • Vertical :10s cut, 9x16 (w/ paid social advertising rights)
  • Still Photography with full rights
  • Custom Article
  • Webpabe on KentuckyTourism.com for one year promoting your destination
  • Promotion on Places.Travel 
Product Investment
Content Bundle (Photo/Video/Article) + Places.Travel Upgrade $13,800

Apple Map Guides 

Take your custom content to the next level and build your own marketing asset library! This offering combines the video and article options above.

Utilizing the power of Apple Maps, our content creators will craft a thematic guide highlighting a single destination’s unique attractions, businesses or neighborhoods – perfect for travelers in both the discovery phase of trip planning and while exploring in-market. 


  • 8-10 locations and appears on Places.Travel + Apple Maps
  • 3 Social Posts on Places.Travel owned channels
  • Preferred placement on the destination micro-site
  • Inclusion in Weekend Review email
  • One-time campaign report
Options Impressions Guaranteed Views Investment
1 Apple Guide 300,000 9,600 $7,500
2 Apple Guides 350,000 13,600 $12,000
3 Apple Guides 1,000,000 16,100 $16,000

Once you have reviewed the offerings available, contact Miles Partnership with any questions and to secure your spot:

Elijah Zimmerman, Co-Op Marketing Manager