Road Trips

Our road trips can help you find unique Kentucky activities and authentic local cuisine. Explore our parkways below!

Just Passing Through?

Take advantage of all there is to see and do at the great American crossroads of Kentucky! Choose an Interstate below!

Down-home Cooking

Come sit at the Kentucky table, where some recipes are as old as the state and others at the culinary cutting edge. Hot brown to cheese grits to gourmet dining, from hole-in-the-walls to innovative culinary experiences, you’ll want to try it all. The best way to top off your unique trip is to trace your path along a dining trail or find a must-try restaurant and taste the best of Kentucky food. Find a recipe to try, plan your foodie trip, and pass the burgoo!

Down-home Cooking
Kentucky’s Spirit

If you want to discover (and taste) the true spirit of Kentucky, you go to bourbon country. As America’s signature liquor, bourbon is crafted with pride and care only in the Bluegrass State. Add to that our wineries and breweries, and there’s a whole range of signature drink offerings for you to explore, including the famous Kentucky Derby mint julep. You’ll find Kentucky’s spirit wherever you go. Here’s to your health!

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