Dorena-Hickman Riverboat Ferry

dorena-hickman riverboat ferry photo
dorena-hickman riverboat ferry photo 2


KY Hwy 1354
Hickman KY 42050

Drive your car or walk-on the Dorena-Hickman Riverboat Ferry for a ride on "Old Man River" experiencing a rewarding, unique opportunity of the Mighty Mississippi River.  The Riverboat Ferry holds 12 cars and 149 passengers to cross the Mississippi River between Missouri and Kentucky.  The Riverboat Ferry operates from the Hickman Harbor Landing with 15 regular river crossings during daylight hours. The Riverboat Ferry connects KY Highway 1354 at Hickman, KY with Missouri Route A and Route 77 near Dorena, Mo.  Kentucky and Missouri are the only border states that are not directly connected by a road, making the only direct route between the two states – the Mississippi River.  The ferry, located at mile marker 922 from New Orleans, is half-way between Memphis and St. Louis on the Mississippi River.