Digital Advertising Opportunities

Our digital advertising options provide you the opportunity to get your message in front of a highly-qualified audience that is interested in visiting Kentucky in a variety of ways.

Audience Extension & Retargeting

The Audience Extension and Retargeting program is your one-stop shop to reach an in-the-market travel audience interested in booking their vacation to Kentucky and inspire them to visit your website. The programmatic approach allows you to engage with travelers throughout their browsing experience and deliver qualified and engaged traffic to your website.


After a user visits, they will be re-engaged throughout their browsing experience with your banner or native ad. Building off the retargeting strategy, your ad will be served to a custom look-a-like audience that will provide inspiration to new travelers looking for their next vacation destination. The combined strategies aim to position you to be top of mind during a critical step of the travel planning consideration.


PackageEst. ImpressionsInvestment
Tier 12,000,000$15,875/ month
Tier 2750,000$6,430 / month
Tier 3*250,000$2,750 / month

*Minimum three months

Pre-Roll Video

Capture consumers' attention where they are with an engaging 15 second video.


Est. ImpressionsInvestment
150,000$2,750 / month*

*Minimum three months

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Reach consumers who are actively looking for content related to your destination, product or services.


$4,725 for 3 months
$8,540 for 6 months


Digital Out-of-Home (NEW!)

Build brand awareness with audiences in-state or regionally in Nashville, Cincinnati and Indianapolis during the month of March 2025.


LocationEst. ImpressionsInvestment
Kentucky In-State*150,000$3,000
Nashville, Cincinnati & Indianapolis*250,000$5,000

*Minimum 6 partners per market

Rich Media

Drive brand lift and audience engagement through this unique custom Brand Reveal unit, which runs in March 2025.*  


Est. ImpressionsInvestment

*Minimum six partners

Once you have reviewed the offerings available, contact Miles Partnership with any questions and to secure your spot:


Chris Gendek, Travel Media Sales & Marketing Executive