Kentucky Outdoor and Adventure

square-pics-adventureAdventures are happening in Kentucky above and below ground. From treetop canopy tours and zip lines, to the longest cave system in the world at Mammoth Cave National Park, there are plenty of ways to explore Kentucky. The Red River Gorge has some of the best rock climbing routes in the country. Climb up high or delve down below to truly experience all the adventure in Kentucky.

Trails in Kentucky come in all shapes and sizes. As pioneers and settlers traveled westward, many traveled to and through Kentucky. The Cumberland Gap and the Wilderness Road were vital to American expansion. Now, those historically significant trails have evolved into a trail system that totals over 12,000 miles.

Kentucky has thousands of miles of navigable water and there's plenty of ways to get out and enjoy it. Whether you're looking for a high adrenaline whitewater rush through the Russell Fork in gorgeous Breaks Interstate Park, or a nice afternoon paddle around one of our excellent lakes, we've got more than enough options to get on the water. Anglers and boaters will find an abundance of fish to pursue and hidden coves to explore.

There's no question Kentucky offers some of the best in outdoor recreation. Many activities require specialized gear or knowledge to be fully enjoyed. Not to worry, there are a number of outfitters and guide services in Kentucky for all outdoor activities. Shuttle services, retail stores, repair shops and gear rental will have you on the trail or in the water in no time.

It's now up to you to pick your adventure, select your Kentucky destination and let the fun begin.