Natural Arch Scenic Area

natural arch scenic area photo


Highway 927
Parkers Lake KY 42634

Natural Arch Trail #510 (1.00 mile). The trail begins on the north end of the picnic area and runs along a paved pathway to the base of Natural Arch, passing two scenic overlooks along the way. At the arch, you may climb the steps to the arch itself or continue along a dirt pathway that loops around the northwest end of the arch.

Buffalo Canyon Trail #508 (5.13 miles). The Buffalo Canyon Trail Trail passes around the Arch for a couple miles to the Spruce creek road. At the road crossing, be sure that you turn left after crossing the road. (Turning right will lead you to Greenwood, a good distance from Natural Arch and not part of the trail).

Panoramic View Trail #528 (0.55 mile). The trail begins at the Great Gulf Overlook Parking Lot and traverses an old roadway out the ridgeline to the northeast, terminating at a scenic overlook. A second scenic overlook can be seen about halfway out off to the right of this trail.

Trails within the Natural Arch Scenic Area are designed for hiking and day use only.

General Information
  • Handicap Accessible