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146 Main Street
Pikeville KY 41502

Pikeville has twice been recognized as one of the best small towns in America by Norm Crampton in his book, The 100 Best Small Towns in America.  Pikeville is the site of the Pikeville Cut-Through Project, one of the largest and most impressive civil engineering feats in history. In October 1987, the project was completed.  The Levisa Fork was diverted from its looping course through the city into a half-mile-long cut through Peach Orchard Mountain. Railroad tracks and streets were rerouted from the area and bridges were removed. The former river channel was filled in with dirt and rock from the cut-through. The end result was an addition of nearly 400 acres of new level land for commercial and institutional development. The sites of the legendary Hatfield-McCoy Feud are located throughout Pikeville and Pike County, Kentucky. Each site features a marker telling tragic stories from the feud, serving as a reminder of past mistakes and the price of a grudge.