Chained Rock

chained rock photo


1050 State Park Rd.
Pineville KY 40977

In southeastern Kentucky's Bell County, high on the vaulted slopes of Pine Mountain a large rock outcropping looms menacingly over the small town of Pineville. For years Chained Rock had been a part of area mountain folklore. But, in the 1930's it became a genuine legend when a feat of the newly formed Chained Rock Club was reported in countless newspapers across the country. As the legend goes, the town's children had for years been told that the rock hanging ominously above town could not give way and come tumbling down on them as they slept because it had been 'chained'. In truth, however, the boulder had never been secured, but events in 1932 changed that forever when the mighty boulder was harnessed by an enormous chain. The hike down to Chained Rock is .3 miles one way and affords majestic views of the surrounding Cumberland Mountains.

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