Wild Things of Kentucky

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888 Natural Bridge Road
Slade KY 40376

"Wild Things! of Kentucky" is a new fun and up-close educational live attraction to the Natural Bridge and Red River Gorge resort area.

Get "up close and personal" with some of Kentucky's most interesting critters! Our snakes, including Timber Rattlesnakes and Copperheads,  can be studied behind a large double payne tempered glass wall. If you are lucky.....you will visit at feeding time!

Experience a "one of a kind" educational experience with our"Who Pooped in the Park"display. We have a freeze dried animal scat display holding the scat of many different Kentucky animals. When you're hiking ...it's nice to be able to recognize the animal droppings along the trail. See if you can guess what scat belongs to what animal!

 You will also enjoy a working beehive encased behind a glass panel. Can you spot the Queen Bee? (We have fresh local honey in our gift shop)

Did you know that Kentucky has scorpions? Kentucky does....and we keep a live Kentucky Scorpion on display! (Check out our gift shop. We have fresh scorpions and Ants in our suckers!)
We also have a Kentucky turtle aquarium and fish aquarium along with some other surprises! 

Our resort area has 5 Star Cabin Rentals, Zip Lines, Sky Lift, Hiking Trails throughout the Daniel Boone National Forest, Rock Climbing, Natural Bridge Gem mining at Wildthings!, Fishing, Square Dancing at Hoe Down Island and climbing adventures including the new Thrillville!