Kentucky Trail Towns

Thousands of miles of trails and waterways criss-cross Kentucky, offering endless opportunities for long-distance adventures and day trips alike. Along these trails, numerous communities have been designated as Kentucky Trail Towns – places where you can find supplies and guides, lodging, a hearty meal and a friendly hello during your travels.


Trail Towns can be found near Kentucky’s most popular outdoor sites, such as Red River Gorge and  Mammoth Cave National Park. The quaint college town of Berea makes an ideal entrance to the stunning Pinnacle Trails. Perched on the banks of the Russell Fork River, Elkhorn City is the perfect place to hire a whitewater paddling guide or hop on the Pine Mountain State Scenic Trail. Other must-visit towns include Dawson Springs in Western Kentucky, the state’s first certified Trail Town, and Elizabethtown, Kentucky's first self-declared Urban Trail Town.


The outdoor offerings are only part of the story of Kentucky Trail Towns. Once you finish your hike or get off the water, these communities offer some of the most authentic dining, independent shops, craft breweries and entertainment venues you’ll find in the Bluegrass State.


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