10 of the Most Memorable Kentucky Photo Spots

In today’s world of social media - one thing is becoming clear: people love sharing photos of their vacations. Explore these 10 uniquely Kentucky destinations and capture moments for yourself. Don't forget to share your photos with us by using #travelky.  


Natural Bridge
This iconic spot in the Red River Gorge makes for an impressive photo opportunity. This sandstone bridge is 65 feet tall and 78 feet long and is accessible via the .75-mile “Original Trail” at Natural Bridge State Resort Park.
Horses in Bluegrass Country
Kentucky is known as the Horse Capital of the World with rolling hills, bluegrass pastures and stone fences. Take a tour of a working horse farm, visit the Kentucky Horse Park or be lucky enough to capture a once in a lifetime shot of a future Derby winner grazing in the morning fog.

 Cumberland Falls
This waterfall is often referred to as “The Niagara of the South” due to its size. If you go during a full moon, you may catch a photo of a “moonbow,” a phenomenon not found anywhere else in the western hemisphere.

Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory
Take a selfie in front of the World’s Biggest Baseball Bat at this Louisville landmark. It’ll be a home run with all of your followers!
Quilt Barns
Cruise one of Kentucky’s Barn Quilt trails and take your picture with these colorful geometric designs that are sure to brighten up your feed.

Columbus-Belmont State Park
Relax along the banks of the Mississippi river and plan your Mark Twain style adventure. This historic Civil War site is a great opportunity for an iconic photo of a barge floating down the river amidst panoramic views.  
National Corvette Museum
Everybody loves classic cars. Make your friends jealous with photos of Corvettes from every generation. Be sure to check out the exhibits and visit the Corvette Assembly Plant next door while you’re there.

Mammoth Cave
The world’s longest cave system is full of fascinating rock formations just begging for a superb snapshot. Take a tour and your guide will point out the cave’s coolest features.
Chained Rock
This quirky attraction at Pine Mountain State Resort Park makes for a cool photo, especially with the right angle and interesting weather. Legend has it the chain is to keep the rock from falling on the town of Pineville below.
Breaks Interstate Park
Known as the "Grand Canyon of the East" the stunning views of the largest gorge east of the Mississippi are the perfect backdrop for a spectacular photo. 
These are all great places to snap eye-catching Kentucky pictures, but part of the fun is finding a unique perspective on your own. Try to discover your own great photo ops around the state for a rewarding experience and fabulous photos! 


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