Caves, Lakes, and Corvettes Trail Towns

Thousands of miles of trails and waterways criss-cross Kentucky, offering endless opportunities for long-distance adventures and day trips alike. Along these trails, numerous communities have been designated as Kentucky Trail Towns – places where you can find supplies and guides, lodging, a hearty meal and a friendly hello during your travels.
Brownsville is a midway point between Mammoth Cave National Park and Nolin Lake. Outdoor recreation in the most popular activity for this community and their guests. Visitors enjoy recreation on the waters of the Green and Nolin Rivers and the Nolin Lake. There is a friendly small town atmosphere that welcomes all.
Cave City / Horse Cave
The town of Horse Cave is centered over Hidden River Cave, whose entrance – and
largest natural opening – is located right on Main Street. You can take a mild or wild
cave tour, check out the world’s longest underground suspension bridge, zip line across
the mouth of the cave or rappel down its limestone face. Nearby Cave City is the
gateway to Mammoth Cave National Park and a host of outdoor adventures as well.
With its location right on the banks of Green River, how could Munfordville not be one 
of the most popular paddling towns in Kentucky? The majestic river flows downstream 
from town through the heart of Mammoth Cave National Park, while upstream takes 
paddlers and explorers past waterfalls. Boat rentals are available from local outfitters, and 
the Green River Park & Arboretum is home to beautifully constructed 
hiking trails
Park City
Once a stagecoach and railway stop for travelers, Park City today is still a gateway 
to history and adventure in the heart of Kentucky Cave Country. Explore nearby 
Diamond Cavern and don’t miss a tour of the world’s longest-known cave system 
at Mammoth Cave National Park! Above ground, find plenty of hiking, biking, trails and waterways set in beautiful surroundings.
The City of Morgantown, an official Trail Town, hosts several events on the Green River throughout the year. The season typically begins with the largest event: the Green River Ramble during the first Saturday of June. The Green River has several locations available to begin your kayaking and boating adventures, including Woodbury Dock, Morgantown Dock and Rochester Dock. Our events are adult and kid-friendly with a very easily-traveled waterway.

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