COVID-19 Support

Commonwealth of KentuckyTourism, Arts and Heritage Cabinet

Dear Tourism Partners,
As COVID-19 cases continue to escalate in Kentucky, businesses across the commonwealth have been called upon to adjust day-to-day operations in effort to protect our fellow Kentuckians for the spread of the virus.
In an effort to alleviate the economic hardships created by the COVID-19 pandemic, Governor Beshear reaffirmed this administration’s commitment to Kentucky’s restaurant and bar industry by dedicating $40 million in CARES Act funding.
Effective Monday, November 30, the Kentucky Public Protection Cabinet will begin accepting applications from businesses impacted by the temporary closure of in-person dining services.
Qualifying business will now be eligible for $10,000 in relief funding with a maximum award of $20,000 per business entity. Funding awards are available to businesses that are defined as follows:
Business that hold a valid retail liquor by the drink license and serve drinks for on-site consumption; or
Business that make prepared meals in single quantities one customer at a time for on-site consumption.
To focus on locally owned businesses, publicly traded companies are not eligible to apply. Please note businesses will be required to remain in compliance with all public health orders.
Additional eligibility criteria is as follows:
Businesses defined as bars or restaurants;
Business that receive less than 50% of sales via drive-thru services;
Business must remain in compliance with all public health orders; and
Entity must supply and maintain documentation demonstrating that the award was spent on permissible uses for a period of five (5) years.
Please note that entities that do not comply with the terms of the program may be required to return the award.
Awards are considered grants, but may be considered as taxable income. Businesses are encouraged to consult with your tax professional for additional guidance. Awardees will receive a 1099 for any award received.
Applications will be processed in the order received, and funds will be awarded until they are exhausted. Please note that only online applications will be accepted.
For more information, please visit
To access the application, please visit
For more information about COVID-19 response in Kentucky, visit
As we continue to unite in our efforts to defeat COVID-19, the Tourism, Arts and Heritage Cabinet commends our partners for your willingness to make difficult business decisions in support of the commonwealth’s public health efforts.
The cabinet remains committed to providing our partners with the necessary resources to navigate this pandemic, and we continue to encourage each of you to take advantage of funding relief opportunities to position your business to defeat the challenges created by the virus.  
Please stay healthy and hopeful!

Michael E. Berry, Secretary 

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