Cultural Heritage

Cultural heritage tourism is traveling to experience the places, artifacts and activities that authentically represent the stories and people of the past and present. It includes cultural, historic and natural resources.
Kentucky’s cultural heritage tourism division works to coordinate the efforts of state and local entities to guide the efforts of the cultural heritage tourism program for Kentucky.
We continue to identify specific ways for Kentucky to utilize the Commonwealth's rich heritage and culture to capture a greater share of the cultural heritage tourism market. National studies show that 76% of all leisure travelers can be defined as cultural/heritage travelers.*  
In addition to the economic benefits of cultural heritage tourism, it also improves the quality of life for residents and builds community pride. Cultural heritage tourism can galvanize local support for important historic preservation projects and encourage the preservation of traditional crafts or local ways of life that might be otherwise lost forever.
For program information contact Kimberly Clay,
Director of Cultural Heritage Tourism.

*The Source: Mandala Research LLC, "The Cultural and Heritage Traveler 2013 Edition" (2017).