Food & Dining: The Flavors of Kentucky

While maybe best known for its signature drink offerings (especially bourbon) the Bluegrass State is also home to a number of innovative food dishes and a hearty culinary heritage: the Kentucky Hot Brown; burgoo; BBQ and, of course, Kentucky Fried Chicken, just to name a few.
Not many places can lay claim to the extensive amount of flavor-shaping culinary creativity and history as the state of Kentucky.
Today that inspiration can be seen in unique dining establishments all over the state. Dine at a horse track and watch morning Thoroughbred workouts. Experience white tablecloth restaurants where the surrounding art is as provocative as the entrees are inventive. And find local favorites such as hot browns and Kentucky burgoo in nostalgic cafes along scenic bluegrass routes.
Ready to get a real taste of Kentucky? From fine downtown dining to Kentucky BBQ shacks in Western Kentucky, find dozens of Kentucky restaurants featuring your favorite flavors using the search below.
Food & Dining Attractions
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