Fried Chicken Trail

The famous recipe that launched the Kentucky Fried Chicken empire began back in 1930 at Col. Harland Sanders' original restaurant in Corbin, and eventually put Kentucky on the map as the place for fried chicken. But that legacy extends far beyond the Colonel; long before you could get red-and-white buckets of KFC just about anywhere, Kentucky’s homegrown cooks had their own prized recipes. The World Chicken Festival – held every September in London, Kentucky – features live music, family fun and all the crispy-fried fowl you can eat.
Buckle up for this crunchy, juicy road trip to the best fried chicken spots in Kentucky. Whether you like it mild or spicy, white meat or dark, served in buckets or on fine china, there’s a chicken joint for you. Just be sure to ask for extra napkins!

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