Kentucky History and Heritage

The birthplace of Abraham Lincoln, Muhammad Ali, Bill Monroe and Jefferson Davis; Kentucky Civil War forts and battlefields; Appalachian festivals, art and coalfield culture; African American customs and traditions and Native American historic sites such as the Trail of Tears can all be explored in Kentucky.
These characters, settings and events combine to form our history. Some of them part of a forever-changed past; others carrying on time-honored traditions and helping to shape the future of the Bluegrass State.
Uncover the storied traditions of the region of Appalachia. Walk historical sites such as American Civil War battlefields. Visit memorials and museums from horse racing to music. Explore the fascinating downtowns of Kentucky cities and visit our rural areas to discover the heritage that is uniquely Kentucky.
View the birthplace of the 16th United States president at the Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historical Park along the Lincoln Heritage Trail. Experience the Muhammad Ali Center dedicated to the achievements of the man known simply as "The Greatest."
Craving even more Kentucky history? Click the links below to find a library, memorial or museum, plus photos, historical towns, landmarks, sites and events by region.
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