Northern Kentucky River Road Trips

Kentucky Bourbon Trail® Craft Tour
With stops at 19 superb small-batch distilleries, the Kentucky Bourbon Trail® Craft Tour is proof that it pays to venture off the beaten path.

Northern Kentucky B-Line
Find your "sipping point" on The B-Line, Kentucky's newest bourbon experience that won't be under the radar for much longer.

Interstate 71
Whether you’re looking for a family-friendly side trip, horse farm tours, or a unique place to stay the night, there are many Kentucky gems along Interstate 71.

Interstate 75
Highlights along this highway include Kentucky Horse Park, the original KFC and Cumberland Falls – but there are many more sights, sounds and local bites to savor along the way.

Fried Chicken Trail
From the original KFC to soul food joints to fine dining, sink your teeth into some of the best fried chicken in America.

Sugar & Spice Trail
Spoil yourself with sugar, spice and everything nice on this palate-pleasing (and kid-approved) drive around Northern Kentucky.

Civil War Heritage Trail
Kentucky's Civil War Heritage Trail was created to observe the sesquicentennial of the American Civil War, and includes 36 historic and interpretive sites around the state – from battlefields and cemeteries to the birthplaces of Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis.


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