There's Only One Bourbon Country

The Scots have their scotch; Italians, their wine; Russians, their vodka… In America, we have our bourbon, “America’s Native Spirit.” Bourbon is the only spirit that is a distinctive product of the United States.


In Kentucky we take great pride in that, considering that 95 percent the world’s bourbon is distilled, aged and bottled right here in the state’s bourbon country. This corn-based, caramel-colored sipping icon is big business for the Bluegrass State. But more than industry, bourbon is a culture, a history and heritage built by generations of Kentuckians beginning in the18th century. Today, you too can experience the culture of Kentucky bourbon country.




Follow the legendary Kentucky Bourbon Trail® through the heart of bourbon country and visit 7 member distilleries and others located in bourbon country. Experience the bourbon making process, view the facilities and the amazingly beautiful surrounding landscapes, and then stick around for an after-tour bourbon tasting.




There is a burgeoning craft distillery industry in Kentucky. 28 of these unique distilleries in four different regions invite you to visit and experience the variety and entrepreneurial spirit that fuels this important aspect of bourbon country.




After you’ve toured bourbon country by day, you can experience the Urban Bourbon Experiences in Louisville by night. The trail consists of “the world’s best bourbon bars,” all of which must serve at least 50 different kinds of bourbon and hold at least one bourbon-related event each month. Many even specialize in bourbon-related food dishes. Use the search below to explore more about bourbon attractions and events. Bourbon Attractions


NOTE: All bourbon attractions are available in English only.

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