Western Kentucky BBQ Trail

Just like Kansas, Texas or Memphis, Western Kentucky has its own unique style of barbecue. Centered around Owensboro – known around here as the “BBQ Capital of the World” – Western Kentucky ’cue famously features pit-cooked mutton, sliced paper-thin and topped with a variety of “dips.” And if you don’t yet have a taste for mutton, don’t worry: our BBQ joints also serve up pork, chicken and other slow-cooked classics.
The Western Kentucky BBQ trail showcases restaurants all the way from Louisville to Paducah, each serving up its own tasty (and in several cases, award-winning) recipes. Better yet, time your trip with barbecue throwdowns like Fancy Farm Picnic or the International BBQ Festival for the feast of a lifetime – best washed down with a glass of strawberry lemonade.