Wildlife Viewing

Kentucky Wildlife Viewing
Want to go on safari, but only have a few days? Head to the wilds of Kentucky for some truly extraordinary animal sightings, from bald eagles to elk. Visitors to Kentucky have the rare opportunity to see the Eastern Kentucky elk herd, the largest herd in America east of the Rocky Mountains. These majestic giants can be found across Eastern Kentucky, and in the Elk and Bison Prairie at western Kentucky's Land Between the Lakes.  
Elk aren’t our only wild residents. Black Bears have made a comeback, and are most often spotted in Kentucky’s Appalachian Mountains. Roam thick, lush forests where whitetail deer, squirrels, raccoons and other critters make their home. Over 350 species of birds have been documented in Kentucky; sightings of migrating and wintering bald eagles are becoming increasingly widespread, and sandhill cranes can be viewed by the thousands during their migration south. 
Kentucky Wildlife Management Areas, nature reserves, National Forests,  state and national parks are great places to commune with nature, learn about local conservation efforts and see our native Kentucky wildlife in their natural habitats.

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