How to Spend a Day in Lexington

By Caitlin Sakdalan @befatbehappy


Ceviche from Smithtown Seafood in LexingtonStart your day at Doodle's, where you'll find the best biscuits and gravy in town. Their gravy is deeply rich and complex in flavor, while providing that ideal comfort. Don’t miss out on their bottomless coffee either and prepare for the day of eating ahead

For lunch, head to Carson's and pick from their selection of chicken and waffles. The savory gravy with sweet syrup with juicy, crispy chicken & fluffy waffles were a hit.

Chicken and Waffles at Carson's


For dessert, make sure to end your day at Crank & Boom. Known for their small batch ice cream, they serve unique flavors like Bourbon & Honey with Buffalo Trace. Order this as a sundae with chocolate and candied pecans, and I promise, it will be one of the best ice cream bites you take.

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