Despite the fact that Kentucky declared neutrality at the onset of the Civil War, several key battles were fought here – including the Battle of Perryville and the Battle of Camp Wildcat, one of the earliest engagements in the war. As a result, the graves of hundreds of Union and Confederate soldiers can be found in Kentucky, from Camp Nelson National Cemetery to city cemeteries in Richmond, Elizabethtown and beyond. Walk the grounds where bloody battles raged, watch reenactments and pay your respects to fallen soldiers.

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From 1861 to 1865, the Civil War touched the lives of every Kentuckian. Homes were turned into hospitals and officer's headquarters, and once-peaceful farms became battlefields and burial grounds overnight. Step back into life during this tumultuous period at museums, living history parks, historic homes and cultural centers around Kentucky. Use the map below to plan your journey to the places dedicated to preserving Kentucky's Civil War legacy.

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