Hiking the Sky Bridge Trail

The Sky Bridge Loop Trail is a rare combination of ease and adrenaline. There are stairs involved, but beyond that nothing strenuous—unless you’re afraid of heights. If you undertake this loop, you might not sweat from physical exertion, but your palms might get a little clammy if you look down too much, especially since there’s no guardrail in some spots.



What Makes It Great


This short, 1-mile loop trail takes off from the parking area off of Sky Bridge Road—all you have to do is make sure you follow the signs for #214 throughout and you’re golden. The first 0.2 miles of the trail are handicapped-accessible then the asphalt eventually gives way and there are stairs to climb.


The trail consists of a high and narrow pathway along the ridge, finally culminating at Sky Bridge where it looks out onto stellar views. The trail then moves past the bridge along a cliff shelf before winding its way up a flight of stairs (75 steps to be exact) that lead back to the parking area.


For those that are used to more strenuous hikes, you’ll find Sky Bridge to be a walk in the park that delivers some of the most spectacular views you’ve ever seen. Also, since tourists tend to flock to Natural Bridge, heading over to Sky Bridge will spare you some of the congestion that comes with crowds. Even kids will enjoy this one and it’s plenty short to take them along. Just be aware of that section without a guard rail.



Who is Going to Love It


Those looking for a different kind of rush from the outdoors will love this trail. It’s not strenuous in terms of terrain, but the exposure can be intimidating for some. Those with a penchant for a good view are not advised to pass this one up—the views of the Sky Bridge and the close proximity you come to it when on the trail make for an experience that nature fanatics will go wild for. As long as you’re okay with heights, the trail is good for all skill levels.



Directions, Parking & Regulations


Heading east on KY-15, turn left onto KY-715, and continue for just under five miles onto Sky Bridge Road that leads to a parking area at the trailhead.


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