Daniel Boone was an explorer and hero of American pioneer history, the preeminent symbol for America's westward movement across its first frontier.
The legendary frontiersman first charted an early trail for other pioneers to follow into America's heartland during the spring of 1775. That trail came to be known as Boone Trace. Today, you can see the inspiring sights that greeted Boone and his fellow travelers, as well as visit museums that help bring this vivid chapter of American history to life. Explore the map below to plan your journey through Kentucky's frontier days.

Cumberland Gap National Historical Park

Daniel Boone and a party of fellow explorers were the first to venture through Cumberland Gap as they traveled from Virginia in 1775, leading to the discovery of Kentucky and its creation as a state. Today, modern explorers can enjoy the park’s endless trails, scenic overlooks, outdoor activities and campgrounds.


Originally founded as Cumberland Ford, this town is now situated along the Wilderness Road that Daniel Boone and early pioneers once traveled as they began their exploration west. Still largely unspoiled, the area welcomes visitors to enjoy its parks, golf courses, music festivals and more. 


Three key passages (Warrior’s Path, Boone Trace and Wilderness Road) converged here to create the historic Cumberland Gap Trail that Daniel Boone once traveled. The town is full of historic sites that tell his story, along with an abundance of outdoor recreation and annual events.   


Knox Historical Museum

Exhibits and collections here preserve the archives, photos and history of the area where Daniel Boone once roamed. You can immerse yourself in this fascinating past, either by taking a free guided tour or wandering through at your own pace.  


Levi Jackson Wilderness Road Park

This rolling, wooded park celebrates the many pioneers like Daniel Boone who first braved the wilderness to settle in Kentucky. You can trace their footsteps on hiking trails, while also enjoying a preserved pioneer settlement, campground and outdoor activities. 


Boone Gap

Part of the Boone Trace Driving Tour, this historic site marks the last major gap Daniel Boone and his group had to cross before entering what would become the Commonwealth of Kentucky. You can stand at this exact same spot today, seeing the wide expanse of bluegrass – just as he did – that first time. 



Now a thriving arts town, Berea is also home to a historical marker honoring the trail blazed here by Daniel Boone and his 30 “axemen” back in 1775. Visitors love to hike these same paths today before heading into town to explore Berea’s bustling arts, crafts and dining scenes.  


Fort Boonesborough State Park

When Daniel Boone and his men reached the Kentucky River, they quickly established a fort that became Kentucky second settlement – and their temporary home – until Boone later moved across the river. It’s now one of Kentucky’s most historically significant state parks, and visitors today can tour a reconstructed fort on the banks of the river, complete with cabins, block houses and furnishings.


Winchester / Clark County

Featuring Civil War sites and cemeteries, historic homes and churches, and locations once frequented by Daniel Boone, the charming town of Winchester holds an incredibly rich history. It’s also full of picture-perfect homes, popular attractions and historic tours, and is the home of two of Kentucky’s iconic tastes: Ale-8-One soda and tangy beer cheese.